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Position Information

Work Type: Active – Benefit Eligible and Accrues Time Off
Exempt: No
Work Schedule: Flexible Hours and/or Flexible Schedule
Work Hours per Biweekly Pay Period:
Shift Time:
Location: Medical Center, US:FL:Lakeland

Position Summary


Demonstrates commitment to the vision, core purpose/mission and goals of LRH, LRMC, modeling the values and culture. The position of Security Officer is responsible to work under the direct supervision of the Lead Security Officer and Security Supervisor while staffing safety and security assignments thus providing a safe and secure environment for patients, families, guests, physicians, staff and property of LRH. The position of Security Officer must identify opportunities for and contribute to the improvement of quality, safety and cost, as well as patient, customer, and employee satisfaction. Performs all other duties as assigned.

Position Details

Detailed responsibilities:

  • People At The Heart Of All We Do
  • Fosters an inclusive and engaged environment through teamwork and collaboration.
  • Ensures patients and families have the best possible experiences across the continuum of care.
  • Communicates appropriately with patients, families, team members, and our community in a manner that treasures all people as uniquely created.
  • Safety And Performance Improvement
  • Behaves in a mindful manner focused on self, patient, visitor, and team safety.
  • Demonstrates accountability and commitment to quality work.
  • Participates actively in process improvement and adoption of standard work.
  • Stewardship
  • Demonstrates responsible use of LRH’s resources including people, finances, equipment and facilities.
  • Knows and adheres to organizational and department policies and procedures.
  • Standard Work Duties: Security Officer
  • Promotes and fosters Public/Employee/Community Relations. Actively participates in individual and team development. Performs and demonstrates competency in maintaining compliance with accreditation / regulatory requirements and all LRH corporate objectives, policy and procedure.
  • Completes and demonstrates working knowledge of all security education and training, policy, procedure and SOP. Completes all required LRH and licensing required annual and ongoing training.
  • Active participant in knowing, understanding and working toward the accomplishment of department goals and objectives. Liaison with Law Enforcement and EMS Agencies and other support services as required.
  • Maintaining orderly environment. Intercede in disputes, both physical and verbal, between persons using verbal de-escalation techniques and skills and defuses potentially violent patient, employee, or visitor situations. Able to physically manage combative, violent persons without hesitation using techniques taught in the required security aggression management training.
  • Reaction appropriately to all Internal and External Emergencies. Prevent specific patients (Baker Acted, Prisoners, high risks, etc.) from leaving their clinical unit and assist in returning them should they do so. Monitors and initiates activity to mitigate and remove general public safety issues.
  • Investigates and documents all reported safety or security issues according to department and hospital policy, utilizing electronic technology when provided and mandated. Handles accident reporting and completes thorough Investigations. Completes all relevant and required documentation and follow up investigation activity.
  • Response to all requests for service. Provides customer service/contributing to provisions of quality patient experience. Provides visitor and employee escorts to departments and areas within and outside of the hospital as appropriate.
  • Actively performs preventative patrol and demonstrates basic crime prevention / patrol competency (Crime Prevention Interior and Exterior). Performs routine, regular patrols within the facility and hospital grounds according to a schedule set by Security Leadership and as needed to prevent fire, thefts, vandalism, ensure doors are secure, provide information to visitors and provide a security presence at doors, in lobbies and parking lots to ensure safety of staff and visitors.
  • Performs parking and traffic control objectives through enforcing LRH parking policy by patrolling the parking lots, addressing staff who is inappropriately parking and/or reporting cars that are inappropriately parked.
  • Participates in activities not directly related to security service operations as approved by security services leadership to include transport and release of bodies from the morgue, patient escort, elevator recall checks, special event setups and the cleaning, organizing and/or redirection of hospital equipment such as patient transport items (wheelchairs, stretchers, etc.). Maintains security equipment (Vehicles, Service Equipment, Radios, Computers, Etc. Inspects security technology (Panic/Duress, AEDs, Call Boxes, Secured Doors) and completes service repair orders as appropriate. Performs interior and exterior safety inspections (lighting, access, egress, code violations) and completes repair orders as appropriate.

Qualifications & Experience

Essential Education:

  • High School or Equivalent

Other information:

License Essential: Valid State Drivers License, Class D Security License (Florida) within 90 days of hire date

Certification Preferred: Advanced or Supervisor Certification

Experience Essential: Six months in security position (healthcare preferred), law enforcement or military security.

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