Never pay to post a job again! Last year Polk.Work had almost 900,000 unique visitors on our Facebook page and website. We believe we can continue to help more people find employment by providing the necessary tools and resources while keeping costs to employers low. We’re also pleased to announce Polk.Work recently began serving all of Florida with plans to expand our coverage to the entire country! All we ask in return for using our services is that you help spread the word by letting employers and job seekers know about what we have to offer. Here’s what you get 100% free:

For Employers:

No hidden costs or charges of any kind.

Jobs posted on are automatically shared to our Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

Post in multiple categories with multiple job types.

Add company logos, websites, videos, and Twitter profiles.

Accept applications by email without having to publicize your email address.

Accept, manage, and review resumes in our Job Dashboard.

Contact applicants, make notes, and rate resumes through our Job Dashboard.

Posts are active for 30 days unless otherwise specified.

Browse uploaded online resumes and contact candidates as needed.

For Job Seekers:

Browse, search, and apply for jobs from Polk.Work, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter. Clicking on posts from Indeed and ZipRecruiter will take you directly to their websites.

Upload your resume for submission and to be searchable by employers.

Set up email alerts to be notified of matching jobs.

We do not allow:

Almost any work from home jobs (please email with any questions).

Multi Level Marketing or pyramid schemes.

Anything that is asking a candidate to make a monetary investment (i.e. startup fees, pay for leads, a website, etc).

Vague or misleading posts.

Social Media: